Learn The Multiplication Tables

Learning Multiplication Tables (2)


Learning the multiplication tables is easy, fun, and self-directed.


It’s no secret that teaching arithmetic concepts can be challenging, especially when moving from straightforward and basic operations to more complex ones where counting by fingers or objects is no longer an option. Children must now start to learn how to solve math problems in their heads by using what they already know.


Since multiplication is the first arithmetic operation where children deal with abstract number representations, addition and subtraction are typically the first two operations where children interact with actual items they have observed in their surroundings. In order to assist your child or children in making this cognitive leap as smoothly as possible, it seems logical that you, as a teacher, homeschool tutor, or even parent, would want to learn how to learn multiplication tables.

Multiplication Explained

Math has a bad reputation because, contrary to popular belief, it cannot be taught using engaging stories or by allowing students to learn via their senses.


Nevertheless, you may still challenge this perception by making arithmetic engaging and relevant.


Children need to be told “why” learning multiplication is important, not just how they should memorize the multiplication tables as the first stage in the process. This is crucial for the learning process because it will encourage kids to learn.


Say something along the lines of: “We need to study multiplication if we want to be smart when we grow up and solve problems. With the help of multiplication, we can figure out how much cash we’ll need for a trip or how much food we’ll need to buy for our birthday celebration if there will be nine guests.

Jan Kuonen, Expert in Learning

  • Cutting-edge technology for children favored by memory world champions.
  • Use funny video animations to help you memorize the multiplication table so you can remember it.
  • The ability to quickly and efficiently master the entire multiplication table on one’s own.

The Most Effective Trainer for Multiplication Tables

Many kids, parents, and even teachers get frustrated and angry when they have to memorize their multiplication tables. Use this method as a model to solve this problem successfully! 

  • The kids enjoy this strategy; they learn while having fun. The youngster has a string of successes as they learn, which helps the child’s dissatisfaction fade away.
  • Each tale has an intriguing and humorous premise that your child will never forget.
  • Each animal figure and object in the stories correspond to a different number.
  • From a visual standpoint, animations are instantly memorable. A young child detects sounds and noises on an auditory level.
  • The narrative is also presented in text form for each video.
  • A brief quiz on each multiplication and a request to trace or color the narrative help to reinforce memory.