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Parents spend 4 to 9 hours a day taking care of and teaching their kids. 

Playgarden Online has everything you need to relieve the stress of parenting:

  • With weekly plans and hundreds of songs and activities, you’ll never have to worry about planning your child’s day again! 
  • Keep your kids occupied with screen time while you work from home, cook, clean, or, yes, even relax!
  • Use our library of hands-on activities and lessons designed by top-rated teachers to spend quality time with your child!
  • A large library of contemporary songs and activities designed to meet a wide range of developmental needs!
  • Weekly help with snack planning, introducing new foods, book readings, and recommendations, among other things! 

Monthly Membership in Online Learning

  • Weekly recommendations for nutrition, focused play, quality time together, physical activity, sensory play, emotion regulation, and book readings.
  • Access to our Video and Music Libraries, which contain over 1,200 lessons and songs for hours of educational fun.
  • Interactive worksheets that include recorded instruction from certified teachers.
  • Parents are sent progress reports.
  • New lessons with Playgarden Prep teachers are added on a regular basis in subjects such as music, movement, and more!
  • Get access to exclusive lessons like our brand-new cooking classes!
  • A single membership can support your entire family, as all children and caregivers have free access. 

Experience an Elite Private Education!


Parents receive weekly recommendations for nutrition, play, quality time, physical activity, sensory, emotion regulation, and book reading for their children at home!


Hands-on activities are an essential component of early childhood education! Playgarden Online sends you workbooks, projects, DIY materials, ideas for sensory tables, and learning kits to get kids excited about learning.


To provide learning for the entire family, add all of your children and caregivers for FREE! Bring us anywhere, at any time, to turn any situation into a valuable learning opportunity for your child!


Playgarden Prep Online offers a personalized approach to education for your child and accommodates a wide range of special needs and learning styles. Playgarden Prep Online makes learning enjoyable!


In our diverse library of over 1,200 activities, children can enjoy hours of engaging pre-recorded educational content! Choose your favorite activities for hours of learning that you can do whenever and wherever you want.


Families love our educational playlists, which feature hundreds of custom early learning songs that keep kids singing, dancing, and learning! Listen on the go, in the car, or at home to educational music!

The program is taught by the same teachers who work at our NYC locations. They are knowledgeable, experienced educators who enjoy teaching children both in person and online.

Simplify Your Life with

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